Minister rejects APPELE appeal

Record Staff

APPELE-Québec, an alliance of 16 groups representing parents, educators and community groups in the province, says it is disappointed with the Government of Quebec’s quick decision to reject a proposal for a court reference to decide whether Bill 40, the CAQ’s act to convert school boards into “service centres”, is constitutionally sound. The group had launched the proposal on Monday morning. “Since Bill 40 was tabled last fall, we have consistently reached out to Education Minister Jean-François Roberge and the Government of Quebec, offering to work with them to improve school governance,” said Geoffrey Kelley, Chair of the Alliance for the Promotion of Public English-language Education in Québec (APPELE-Québec) in the initial appeal. “But it is now clear that we have a fundamental difference of view over the constitutionality of the proposed legislation. That is why we are calling upon the government to submit a reference to the Court of Appeal before adopting the legislation or at least before implementing it.” See full story in the Wednesday, Feb. 5 edition of The Record.

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