Minton United Church to mark 125 years this Sunday

By Gordon Lambie

At the corner of University and Minton Hill roads in Hatley Township there is a little white church. Like so many other little white churches at crossroads across the townships, the building of Minton United Church stands out as having outlasted most of its surrounding community, a solitary monument to the history of the hamlet whose name it bears. This Sunday, the little white church is celebrating 125 years with a special service followed by cake, ice cream, and live music.
According to Wendall Conner, who sits on the church board and has been caring for the building ever since his father stopped being able to, the anniversary service is an annual tradition. “We always have the last service in September and call it our thanksgiving and anniversary service,” Conner said, explaining that the community has only held summer services for decades. In recent years, that has meant four services in total, led by the Reverend Mead Baldwin. “I really love that little church,” Baldwin told The Record, sharing that the small country church makes him think of childhood days at Baldwin’s Mills United Church. See full story in the Tuesday, Sept. 10 edition of The Record.

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