Moisson Estrie launches fall food collection

By Gordon Lambie
Moisson Estrie launches fall food collection

\Moisson Estrie is calling on the local population to participate in its biannual “Guignolée des quartiers” campaign beginning this coming Thursday, Oct. 13. Started in 2020 as a way for people to continue to make donations to the work of supporting food security in the region without having to interact face-to-face, the collection has carried on and is now in its sixth edition.
“There is no direct solicitation,” said Christian Bibeau, Executive Director of the organization, explaining that the campaign relies upon volunteers to come and collect donation bags which can then be left on the front doorsteps of others in their neighbourhood. The volunteers mark a date on the bag indicating when they will return to collect, and people are left free to participate or not as they wish. “(The collection) relies on the social networks of the volunteers and their connection to the community.”
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