Mont Mégantic Astrolab going live for schools

Record Staff

The Mont Mégantic Astrolab is seizing on the context of Covid-19 to develop a new interactive online learning program for schoolchildren. Operating on the premise that if the children cannot come to the mountain for the usual interactive astronomy sessions , then the team at the mountain will come to them, virtually.
After having launched a form of this idea following the closing of schools in the spring of this year, the Astrolab invested in ultrasensitive astrovideo cameras in order to improve their ability to host live broadcasts. Over the course of the time these broadcasts have been taking place, they have presented information on subjects ranging from the solar system, the moon, and the international space station, to black holes, telescopes, and more to audiences that now total more than 2 million people. The recent broadcast of a watch party for the Perseid meteor shower has been watched by more than 250,000 people all on its own.
Encouraged by this success, the Astrolab team is now making itself available for virtual classroom visits in both English and French throughout the school year.
By linking the interactive whiteboard technology already present in many classrooms with the equipment available at the astrolab, the team will be able to interact live with the students in each class, almost as if they were there in person. The teacher will choose a theme ranging from options like an explanation of the phases of the Moon or the seasons or a virtual journey through the Solar System, and the facilitator will present spectacular images and animations while chatting with the class.
The program is offered for free on a first visit, with follow-up visits costing $50. More information on the program is available at

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