Mont Sutton premieres new zipline adventure

By Aiden Wilson, Special to The Record
Mont Sutton premieres new zipline adventure
(Photo : Courtesy of Clothilde Mondor)

Mont Sutton has visitors zipping down the mountain at a record pace this summer, owing to its newest attraction: the Zipline Coaster.
The ride, which opened to the public for the first time this past weekend, curves, loops and speeds through the treetops of the mountainside as participants hang on and enjoy their thrilling descent.
Sutton Marketing Coordinator Clothilde Mondor explained how the whole thing operates for those choosing to descend in style:
“You ride on a metal rail suspended by wires in the treetops. Participants arrive at the base of the mountain where they get their backpack with everything they need including a harness and zipline car. There’s a hike of about 20-30 minutes to get to the start line where one of our employees helps them strap on their equipment. From there at the starting platform, they attach themselves and away they go.”
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