More than make believe: “CaliCON” event invites locals to explore the world of live-action role play

Patrick Lessard studied robotics in University so, naturally, he now runs a company that is known around the world for its quality foam weaponry. Now in its sixteenth year of operations, Sherbrooke-based Calimacil has grown from a made-in-the-garage operation to a business serving an international market and is inviting the population to stop by this weekend to see what that involves at an open house event called “CaliCON.” “I want people to come and have fun,” Lessard said, explaining that although the event has involved spending roughly $15,000 and shutting down his production line for two days, he considers it a worthwhile investment in terms of outreach and networking, not to mention team building. The schedule for the weekend involves factory tours, where visitors will be able to see how the company’s many foam weapons are made, as well as other products like its high-tech “LED-saber” technology. See full story in the Wednesday, Nov. 6 edition of The Record.

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