Mother of teen shot by police has 41 questions, few answers

By Samantha Young

By Sharon McCully

Tracy Wing, mother of 17-year- old Riley Fairholm, the teen who was shot and killed by police in Brome Lake in what appeared to be a suicide attempt, has a list of 41 questions she would like answered by investigators at the Bureau d’enquetes independantes, the independant body responsible for investigating cases which involve police. In spite of her repeated requests for information about her son’s death, only three questions have been answered.
“I am not asking questions that can compromise the investigation,” Wing said in an interview with The Record. “I am asking for details as a mom who needs answers. Questions like, How many times was he shot? Did he suffer? Did he die right away? Where was he standing? Did he say anything? Did they try to talk to him? What did he do that prompted them to shoot?

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