Municipalities remind residents to prepare for emergency situations

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Municipalities remind residents to prepare for emergency situations

Windsor is reminding its residents to stay alert and be prepared, in case there is ever an emergency, such as a natural disaster, forcing them to act quickly and soundly.
It’s Emergency Preparedness Week in Quebec, so Windsor Mayor Sylvie Bureau has launched a social media campaign, as well as field operations to instruct people on what to do during an emergency. She also hopes more people will sign up for Windsor Alert.
“We have had a good take-up rate so far, and citizens appreciate the service, so we are taking advantage of this great momentum to continue promoting it. We are building on this momentum to continue to promote the service,” said Bureau.
The town launched Windsor Alert, an automated alert system that reaches the city’s residents within seconds, last year. According to a press release, it is a proven and effective system used to quickly disseminate important information during emergency situations.
The Ministry of Public Safety will be posting short vignettes on the town’s Facebook page, providing residents with a variety of tips. The town has also partnered with the Régie intermunicipale d’incendie de la région de Windsor.
The Organisation intermunicipale de sécurité civile (OIMSC) de la région de Richmond, which groups together several municipalities, including Cleveland, Melbourn, Richmond and Ulverton, is also promoting emergency preparedness this week.

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