Murray launches new book Sunday in Lennoxville

By Steve Blake, Special to The Record

Stanstead author Ross Murray says he thought he would be a serious writer. “But I always gravitated back to humour,” he said. He added, however, he sometimes likes to have an underlying purpose. Murray is set to launch his fourth book – the third compilation of his columns – Sunday afternoon at Black Cat Books in Lennoxville. The other book is a novel, “A Hole in the Ground,” published in 2016. His latest, titled “A Jerk in Progress,” is a collection of his columns published between 2011 and 2015 in The Record, CBC Breakaway (those that work in print), and the now defunct Life in Quebec magazine. The first compilation was columns published in the Stanstead Journal and The Record. His second was from his early Record days, he said. Murray said it didn’t take him too long to collect his writing. “I gathered up some of the best ones,” he said. “They’re fleeting. It’s a good way to preserve some of the better ones.” He estimates that he had about 400 pieces over the five-year period. See full story in the Friday, Sept. 13 edition of The Record.

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