Musécole ‘Why We Sing’ concert raises $1,800 for music instruments in local schools

Musécole ‘Why We Sing’ concert raises $1,800 for music instruments in local schools

On September 30, 2017, ten Townships singers took the stage at Centennial Theatre to share a collection of powerful songs and make a positive impact in their community for Musécole’s second annual fundraiser, ‘Why we Sing’. The event raised over $1,800, making Musécole’s two-year fundraising total roughly $4,200, donated to music programs in local schools. This year’s funds were distributed to Sutton Elementary School to purchase ukuleles and Richmond Regional High School to help with the purchase of electric guitars, amplifiers and drums. Musécole, a local non-profit organization with a goal of highlighting local talent and supporting music initiatives in Townships schools and communities, was launched in 2016. The first concert, Back to Graceland, was a Paul Simon Tribute for the 30th anniversary of the release of the Graceland album. Organizer Matthew McCully realized from the get-go that the concert would require substantial support from the local music community. He enlisted the help of eight-piece brass and percussion group Grüv ‘n Brass, The Champlain Choir, members of the BU singers and local dance and percussion school Sankofa, along with a handful of talented local singers. The concert, held in October of 2016, sold out Centennial Theatre. Wanting to pay-it-forward to a new generation of musicians, McCully, through Musécole, donated the $2,400 in profits from the show to Sherbrooke Elementary School to help with the purchase of band instruments. According to music teacher Tracey Rivette, the school was able to buy a trombone and two flutes. Following the success of its first endeavour, Musécole got to work on another large scale concert highlighting local talent. See full story in the Tuesday, Feb. 27th edition of The Record.

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