My Take

My Take
The format of a My Take is 150 words – no more, no less – to express an opinion on a different topic each week. This week’s topic was Easter Treats.

By Matthew McCully


I was just about to decide between discussing the painful irony of sinking one’s teeth into a vegan chocolate bunny and celebrating the marketing genius behind the scent emanating from Cadbury Mini Eggs bags, then I got a text from my gym inviting me to upgrade my membership to enjoy even more services.

It’s almost like they’re more in tune with my needs than I am. Except how could they be?

I joined a month ago and haven’t set a foot in the door yet.

I food networked my way through the pandemic and lost my old waistline. And I’ve looked everywhere for it except the gym.

I’ll go eventually, I promise. But really, does all of that equipment have to look so aggressive?

Like, how about the occasional pop of colour, some area rugs, cushions, a floor lamp or two for more forgiving lighting.



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