My Take

My Take

By Michael Boriero

I feel like when some people hear the words “decriminalize drugs” their minds begin to wander. They start to imagine a kind of dank, dark and murky future, like something out of The Batman.

But this isn’t legislation that needs to be feared, especially if the country, state, province, or territory committing to decriminalize drugs has fortified its health and safety resources.

I’m not a health expert. And I’m not pretending I understand the ins and outs of the “war on drugs.” However, isn’t it better to help users, rather than toss them into overcrowded jails?

Decriminalizing drugs might not be a perfect solution. And yes, people will continue to use and abuse their drug of choice. But it will also be done in a controlled and safe environment.

In theory, there should be less overdoses, right? We need to protect each other, not alienate.

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