My Take

My Take

The format of a My Take is 150 words – no more, no less – to express an opinion on a different topic each week. This week’s topic was a wildcard.


By Gordon Lambie


I have, on many occasions, made fun of the idea of people playing hockey in very un-wintry places like Florida or Nevada. You know what, though? I take it back.

If this miserable winter is anything to judge the future by, then I’m glad that people have invested time and energy into making it possible to practice winter sports in totally inappropriate places.

This is normally a far more active season for me than the others, but when the ice rinks are slushy puddles and the snow that falls is constantly switching over to rain, I just end up feeling stuck in this miserable stay-inside mood.

I’d happily take a blizzard any day over whatever this mess is, but lacking a natural solution I can get on board with artificial snow and refrigerated rinks so long as they don’t end up making the problem worse.

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