My Take By Cassie MacDonell

By Cassie MacDonell
My Take By Cassie MacDonell

Friday’s Rogers outage reminded me once again how fragile our technology-based society is. Will it take only a few broken network routers for our entire civilization to come crashing down?
Network connection has become a necessity in many cases. ATMs, Interac, even calling 911. Aside from this inability to call emergency services, the outage on Friday was not long enough to cause substantial damage. But what if there were a massive, long-term shutdown? What would happen to people who have no cash on hand? Remote workers, a workforce that is growing larger each day? Important services and organizations that rely on the internet to communicate?
The fault is not on the individual. Canadian society has normalized the use of technology on a day-to-day basis. But I think we should all question the fact that there is an oligopoly of network providers that rule over us.
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