My Take: By Cassie MacDonell

By Cassie MacDonell
My Take: By Cassie MacDonell

Scrolling through reactions to the papal apology from Indigenous leaders and community members online, I came across many mixed emotions.
Some believed the apology felt genuine and helped them on their healing journey. Others felt the apology was long overdue and missed key points that would make the apology complete, such as the pope’s controversial choice to place blame on individual Catholics rather than the Catholic Church as a whole. Some thought that an apology was not enough and that the pope needed to back his words with concrete actions.
At the end of the day, I don’t think the apology was perfect, or could ever be perfect due to the intergenerational trauma residential schools caused. Some things cannot be fixed with an apology. However, I do believe the papal visit to Canada was worthwhile if it helped even one individual on their healing journey.

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