My Take: By Geoff Agombar

By Geoff Agombar
My Take: By Geoff Agombar

The format of a My Take is 150 words – no more, no less – to express an opinion on a different topic each week. This week’s topic was a wild card.

“Wild card?” Oh, bother!

If I can think anything, how do I constrain my compulsion to think everything? And its twin urge to say nothing. Nothing too personal, anyhow. Unless pushed toward it. 

Squirrelbrain, I called it in a text earlier. Gather up all the nuts and ferret them away. Then, promptly forget them. Just ditch the whole venture, drawn to new nuts and new ferret holes, returning later to find wild, tangled terrain, unfamiliar and overgrown. A thicket of immature, unfruiting saplings.

Or dig them up and move them, as one study found real squirrels do when they feel watched. Observed. Exposed. Especially their most valuable nuts. Those got moved first. Most surprising though was the fake burying. Squirrels are liars and thieves! They feel you watching and fake it. Can’t wait to scurry off and chatter down as cheats steal away wit’ nuttin’.

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