My Take: By Gordon Lambie

By Gordon Lambie

We’ve entered the period I’ve come to think of as “backyard snacking season.” In my case it is linked to a patch of well-established raspberry canes that provide a daily supply of tart tastiness, but the arrival of a cucumber and a few ripening tomatoes tells me that we’re getting to the time when people’s gardening efforts will be starting to bear fruit, literally.
This spring saw a big increase in the number of folks looking to engage in a little home gardening, so I find myself wondering, how are your gardens doing? I am by no means a horticultural expert, but I know there have been some rough patches so far and that what seemed fun at first can quickly become frustrating if all you see is setbacks.
It’s a long road from planting a seed to harvesting too much zucchini: don’t give up!

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