My Take By Gordon Lambie

By Gordon Lambie
My Take  By Gordon Lambie

If you, like me, had a completely normal day last Friday that was uninterrupted by any nationwide telecommunications outages that just happened to be going on, then I hope you recognize that is more as a result of chance than anything else.
It would be easy for someone with a non-Rogers phone or internet service provider, who didn’t have big plans that day, to just assume that the whole thing has been blown out of proportion. It seems to me, though, that the stories of inaccessible 911 services and people being cut off from their bank accounts, among other issues, really point toward a host of possible disasters that were waiting in the wings.
The conventional wisdom is that people shouldn’t put all their eggs in one basket, but apparently no one got that memo when it comes to options for telecom companies in Canada.
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