My Take: By Gordon Lambie

By Gordon Lambie

Ever try to stage a protest in your closet? It doesn’t really work.
The same thing goes for more low-key complaining. Even if you stand in that closet and complain about problems in the house all day, it probably won’t do much unless you have some kind of audience.
Isolating in a pandemic is great for limiting your contact with other people and their potential viruses. When it comes to addressing other issues, though, it amounts to locking yourself in the closet.
When the coronavirus steamrolled across North American news back in March it felt like there was nothing else to talk about, but there was.
All of the societal problems that existed before the pandemic continue to exist but are now struggling to find the soapboxes that were whipped out from beneath their feet.
No one can fix a problem they don’t know exists.

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