My Take: By Jordan Dionne

Pumpkin spice everything, leaves changing their colour, sweaters, and apple picking. There are so many things that are a cause for celebration in the latter half of the year. My only problem with it though, is that we seem to be able to experience the joy of these great things for two to three weeks at most. Then winter, with its short days and frigid temperatures, comes swooping in leaving us stranded for months wishing we could only go back or forward in time to when it wasn’t inhospitable outside. As someone who gets SAD (seasonal affective disorder) pretty violently every November, I particularly don’t enjoy the winter season. Sure it isn’t all bad with skiing, sugar shacks, snowshoeing, skating, etc… Nonetheless, when it gets dark before I even get home from school or work, I know I am bound to be grumpier than ever.

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