My Take: By Marianne Lasonde

Around this time of year, you begin hearing snippets of the ever-dreaded January 1st tradition: New Year’s resolutions. And, nestled at the very top of that list always seems to be weight loss.
This, I believe, is because it is ingrained in us to think weight gain equates a lesser version of ourselves. It is always so easy to see our “Quarantine 19” but forget the hardships we have overcome during this difficult year.
While the effects of quarantine can be pretty obvious for ourselves – I will be the first to admit my weight has fluctuated – it is important to remember what our mind has gone through. Sure, last January, I was lighter… But I also hadn’t experienced the stress of family members testing positive for COVID-19 or the trauma that comes with living through a pandemic.
So, eat that extra desert, you deserve it.

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