My Take: By Marianne Lasonde

My Take: By Marianne  Lasonde

This week’s announcement has me wondering when was the last time government officials went inside a multinational retail store.
On Wednesday, you could practically hear Costco employees scoffing and rolling their eyes at Legault. The layout of Costco is so uniquely designed to encourage bulk-buying and consumerism that it seems almost impossible to limit sales to essential goods – the toilet paper is all the way at the back and knick-knacks open the play. The way Costco works depends on how much companies pay to advertise – those that pay more and return the most sales are put at the front of the aisles, the others near the frozen section. If Legault wants these bulk retailers to limit their products, it would require a lot of reorganization in the dead of Christmas shopping – which seems almost impossible.
But, hey! Maybe a brand-new TV is an essential good.

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