My Take: By Matthew McCully

By Matthew McCully


I was in university before I had an email address.

Today, if I leave the house without my phone, I turn back.

It’s kind of amazing to remember summer vacations with my family when I was a kid. Different groups heading off in different directions to explore the Old Port in Montreal.

So how did we find each other? No GPS to track the kids. No texting or calling.

Meet by the water fountain at 3 p.m.

It wasn’t rocket science, but it worked.

That said, I can also remember being at the water fountain at 3, fuming mad because someone else couldn’t find the rendez-vous point and kept us all waiting.

I recognize the importance of unplugging every now and then, but I can’t help thinking the resources people have at their fingertips these days are extraordinary. And they should be accessible to all.


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