My Take: By Matthew McCully

It’s really hard when your favourite season doesn’t jive with your roommate.
Makes life really hard.
I love the summer. The hotter the better.
It’s ironic really, because being of Irish heritage, I so easily burn to a crisp.
My roommate, on the other hand, loves the cold.
He is the head of the coalition of large furry dogs, and fully supports the fall.
I guess there are some pros and cons to consider.
On the plus side I don’t have to cut plans short on beautiful summer days to go walk the dog. Just picking up the leash draws a groan and a sigh.
The con is, he springs to life the very minute I retreat under a pile of blankets with no intention of surfacing until spring.
I guess if I had his wardrobe I’d probably be more inclined to enjoy the cold.

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