My Take: By Matthew McCully

Is the provincial government’s think tank in a fitness centre steam room or something?
The 28-day challenge?
Did we need to brand a return to confinement like a diet plan to make it more palatable?
Are the infection numbers and the death toll not enough?
Damn, contradictions and mixed messages aren’t working, we need something snazzier.
Ooh, I know, let’s make it fun for everyone.
If you behave for 28 days, then maybe, just maybe you’ll get a treat for Halloween.
I don’t need public health making the chew chew train sound to help me swallow bad news.
There’s already a box of ‘we’re not there yet’ T-shirts gathering dust in the basement of the Parliament building.
Let’s just own what’s going on.
We can’t afford to stop the economy.
We lack the resources to properly address a second wave.
So smarten up everyone!

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