My Take by Matthew McCully

We used to have a running joke in my family that it’s not Christmas until the tree falls and my dad summons the father, the son and the holy spirit.

We eventually got a better stand, and so ended the McCully tree felling tradition.

Over the years my family has let a few Christmas traditions slip. Grasshopper pie is a pain to make. We lost the Christmas with Mahalia Jackson cassette tape. But a visit from Santa has always been on the menu Christmas eve.

We kept doing it, even as the kids got older. Last year my nephew Colten looked out the window and said, “Santa drives a BMW?”

We are make-it-work people, so we won’t be discouraged from finding ways to maintain the traditions we hold dear.

Hey Colton, Santa’s BMW is in the shop, but he will Zoom ya from the North Pole this year.


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