My Take: By Matthew McCully

By Matthew McCully

Ah yes, the cabinet shuffle. The dance no one likes to perform but everyone loves to watch.
Much like the sword dance, the theme of the cabinet shuffle is often human sacrifice for fertility, battle mime, or defense against evil spirits.
That, and it often involves a politician falling on a sword or being stabbed in the back.
Sometimes a shuffle is two steps to the left, two steps to the right, maybe a quick do-si-do.
And sometimes a performer gets danced right off the stage.
A good cabinet shuffle needs just the right soundtrack to really get people moving.
There are classic tunes like ‘Nothing To See Here’ or ‘We’re Going Through Changes’, but my absolute favourite cabinet shuffle dance track is ‘I Will Survive’.
The thing about a cabinet shuffle is even in a flawless performance, someone’s toes will always get stepped on.

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