My Take: By Matthew McCully

By Matthew McCully

Two terrible things happened when the pandemic was declared.
People, naturally social beings, were separated from each other.
And food got weird.
I’ve never gone hungry a day in my life.
Some of my fondest childhood memories happened around a candlelit dinner table.
Then suddenly my ability to whip up any meal I could imagine or google a recipe for disappeared.
When the risk of COVID-19 increased with every public outing, trips to the grocery store were pared down.
Then there were cycles of hoarding food, then wasting food, eating just to eat, not wanting to eat, not being able to eat at all.
And then my mind would wander and think about people who had been fighting for their next meal long before this pandemic.
I think re-establishing the link between food and survival, especially for people of privilege, has been a healthy exercise.

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