My Take: By Matthew McCully

My Take: By Matthew McCully

The format of a My Take is 150 words – no more, no less – to express an opinion on a different topic each week. This week’s topic was convocation.

I have two things to share about convocation.

The first is my congratulations to this year’s graduates. I’m so happy to know you’ll be able to gather and celebrate together. It is most certainly a momentous occasion, and you should all be very proud of what you’ve accomplished.

The second is my hope that those among you, who, like me, are too anxious or socially awkward to properly process intense moments, are able to get through the weekend with the least stress possible. Believe me, you’ll be glad you braved the ceremony.

Don’t worry about whether you should or shouldn’t shake a hand, or how sweaty your hand might be when you do it.

Don’t worry about what may come out of the mouths of family members talking to your friends.

Don’t compare what you are wearing to other people.

Don’t worry about getting emotional.

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