My Take: By Matthew McCully

By Matthew McCully
My Take: By Matthew McCully

For the last two decades I’ve dressed up for Halloween as a guy who doesn’t like making small talk.
I don’t get a lot of compliments, which is ideal.
But when I was younger, I remember really enjoying getting dressed up.
And my costumes, like my haircuts growing up, were character building.
Sidenote: I just figured out why I’m bald. My hair couldn’t take handle bowl cuts anymore and jumped ship.
My mom wasn’t the type to go shopping for superhero costumes or fancy makeup kits.
We made do with what was in the house.
It’s funny, looking back I bet a costume from the store would have cost less than the amount of tin foil it took to transform me into a robot.
And growing up on the Gaspé, costumes were often worn under a snowsuit.
Listen, just trust me, under this I’m Batman.

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