My Take: By Michael Boriero

I’m normally a pretty patient person. But I have to admit, this waiting game we’ve been playing for the last six months is wearing me down.
I know a cure to COVID-19 isn’t going to miraculously appear, but how much longer do we have to wait? I’ve been teetering from gung ho optimism to delirious pessimism for a while now.
I’m at a point where I’m frightened to be in a crowded space. I glare at people who don’t wear masks at the grocery store. And yet, I play team sports.
Some days I’m lulled into this false sense of security, like the virus won’t touch me or any of my loved ones. And then reality strikes when I see the infection numbers rising again.
But, patience is a virtue, right? I think I need to remember that as we enter the winter months.

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