My Take: By Michael Boriero

We have 28 days to stem the latest wave of COVID-19 cases, according to the Quebec government. I’m supportive of the idea, but I’m also skeptical.
It’s all fine and well to claim that if we just stay home and avoid unnecessary outside contact, which includes our family and friends, we’ll slow down the spread of the virus.
While restaurants and bars have once again shut down, schools, businesses, gyms, hair salons, all remain open. I am not a doctor, but how does this really help our situation?
So students can go to class and take their masks off, interacting with classmates all day and people can go work in a stuffy office.
But that’s not detrimental to our fight against the virus?
Maybe I’m missing something. And I don’t want another full blow lockdown, but going halfway doesn’t seem like the best solution.

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