My Take: By Michael Boriero

By Michael Boriero

I’m about to drop an extremely hot take right now. Ready? Are you sure? Ok. Here I go. Wearing a mask doesn’t hurt you. It actually protects the people around you. Boom.
I feel so relieved to finally get that off my chest. But seriously, what’s going on right now? How am I still reading news of anti-mask rallies and bogus science debunking the efficacy of masks?
People are incensed that they are being forced to wear a mask in indoor public spaces. It infringes on their freedom of choice, they say. I’m sympathetic to that argument, we have our rights, but people around the world continue to feel the wrath of COVID-19.
This is far from done. Our medical experts are telling us how we can beat this pandemic. So please, wear a mask, even if it is for a short grocery store run.

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