My Take: By Michael Boriero

By Michael Boriero

Let’s talk about cancel culture.
A day of reckoning has befallen many high-profile people – celebrities, politicians, athletes, etc – for past transgressions and rightfully so.
Social media platforms play a heavy role. They have given voice to the voiceless for years, especially Twitter, which has become a hotbed for social justice warriors.
But people are exposing these once-believed untouchable characters at an exponentially high rate; sometimes it’s difficult to keep up with the drama unfolding online.
The thing is I understand and support cancel culture for the most part. People have exposed sexual predators, racists and generally unpleasant human beings.
Many of them deserve to be cancelled. But I think there also needs to be a space for people to grow. To be clear, not everyone deserves a second chance.
But if we cancel everybody, stifle creativity, or freedom of speech, what are we left with?

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