My Take – By Michael Boriero

By Michael Boriero
My Take – By Michael Boriero

As someone who grew up playing minor ice hockey, I’m utterly appalled Hockey Canada created a special multimillion-dollar fund using registration fees of players across the country to assist in paying out settlements, including sexual assault cases.
If you haven’t read the Globe and Mail story about the national organization’s shady slush fund, I highly suggest you get on that right now. The alleged sexual assault in 2018 involving eight members of the Team Canada World Junior team was the tip of the iceberg.
Hockey Canada has reached its lowest point. This is truly vile, and whatever lame excuse for a press release that they sent out yesterday, declaring the fund will never again be used to settle sexual assault claims, can be shoved up you know where.
No more excuses. Get rid of the old heads. It’s time to tear it all down.
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