My Take: By Michael Boriero

By Michael Boriero

If it weren’t for the collective action of advocacy groups and outspoken opposition leaders, the Quebec government could have pulled a fast one on us this week.
Bill 61, which was tabled by Quebec’s Treasury Board president Christian Dubé last Wednesday, is the government’s attempt to reinvigorate the province’s economy after several months of lockdown.
While the idea behind it is widely accepted, at its core, the bill infringes on established procedures and people’s rights. It bypasses reforms established after the Charbonneau Commission.
It gives the government power to cut corners on environmental assessments and grants them authority over which infrastructure projects get the most attention.
The provincial government is now attempting to clarify some of the bill’s controversial points. The assembly is listening. They tried to fool us, but we didn’t fall for it. Legault and company didn’t account for our ability to unite.

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