My Take: By Reaann Fournier

By Reaann Fournier

Growing up, my Halloween was usually served with a healthy helping of snow and slush. It was always around this time for the first snowfall. There were years where my mother would take all the kids out on the porch for photos and then rush us back into the warm house to bundle up into full on snowsuits that would inevitably ruin the costumes we were so proud to be wearing. I remember trucking through slushy streets, pillowcase in hand, freezing my toes and fingers just to get a bag of candy that would last until the next year. Coming home to a warm house, a hot chocolate, and candy trading was always my favourite part. We’d negotiate trades when, in the end, all the candy ended up in the same huge bowl anyways, and our parents would inevitably eat a good half of it.

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