My two weeks at The Record

My two weeks at The Record

By Jack Wilson


“Are you new at The Record?” I heard that question about a dozen times when calling sources during my two-week placement. To me, it revealed a community and readership engaged enough to notice the journalist calling them hadn’t been in the paper before.

I was here to complete the internship requirement of Carleton’s J-School — to get out of the classroom and into the newsroom. Covering the Eastern Townships at The Record turned out to be a great place to do just that.

Coming from Ontario, the issues I’ve covered here are different from what I’m used to. It seemed that just about every story had a language angle. As a student in Ottawa, where most services are bilingual, I was surprised by the challenges the English-speaking community faces here. The notion that something as simple as accessing healthcare in one’s own language has become political drove me to ask about and cover language questions.


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