Naissance Renaissance faces ­significant cuts to homecare service

By Gordon Lambie
Naissance Renaissance faces ­significant cuts to homecare service

brooke-based organization providing services to new parents, will have to cut back its free homecare service for vulnerable parents significantly this spring after seeing the grant that paid for it cut from roughly $48,000 to $6,000. According to Caroline Horrell, the centre’s associate director of communications and business development, the cut will reduce the number of service hours available from the 3,264 offered in 2015-16 to only 186, the equivalent of serving only four families in the entire Estrie region.
“We’re talking about the most underprivileged families,” Horrell said, explaining that Naissance Renaissance works in partnership with the CIUSSS de l’Estrie-CHUS, the regional healthcare establishment, in order to get referrals for its free service. “It’s a series of visits. It’s a relationship that forms over time.”
See full story in February 17 Record

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