Nearly 500 COVID-19 infractions handed out since March

Record Staff
Nearly 500 COVID-19 infractions handed out since March

After Quebec Premier François Legault issued a stern warning to people flouting the COVID-19 health measures by increasing fines to $6,000, the government sent out an emergency alert message to remind Quebecers to respect the rules.
Legault is trying to crack down on rule breakers as coronavirus cases continue to climb and overwhelm hospitals in Quebec. The premier recently walked back his plan to allow holiday gatherings, insisting that the best option right now is to avoid large groups.
With the holidays just around the corner, he also mentioned an increased police presence in the coming weeks. The Record reached out to the Sherbrooke Police Service (SPS) in response to the government’s new directives.
An SPS spokesperson said Legault’s announcement Wednesday doesn’t necessarily change anything for them. They have been proactively handing out fines to people skirting Covid rules since March.

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