Nevilles pass the torch

Nevilles pass the torch
Chuck Neville and Mary Brochet standing with Caroline Bourdages, the new owner of Les Serres Neville garden centre, soon to be known as Serre en ville. (Photo : Courtesy)

By Gordon Lambie

After years of being on the market, the garden centre owned and operated by Chuck Neville and Cathy Brochet on the outskirts of Lennoxville is changing hands. Over the coming weeks ‘Les Serres Neville’ will be transforming into ‘Serre en ville,’ under the direction of new owner Caroline Bourdages.
“We just want to take a rest,” Neville told The Record last week, explaining that he and his wife don’t have the same energy for running the garden centre as they did when first getting started three decades ago. The garden centre owner said that the work has been getting harder on a personal level, particularly since the spring fire in 2018 that nearly wiped out the business’ production greenhouses. “After the fire we went from four down to one greenhouse,” he shared.

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