New business Activ8ed in Waterloo

By Taylor McClure, Special to Brome County News

A new business opened its doors over the weekend that will give locals a good reason to stay in shape. Activ8 Nutrition, a nutrition club now located in the heart of Waterloo, held its opening day on Saturday and owners Ricky Wheeler and Suzie Jette are now preparing to help clients live out a happy and healthy lifestyle. Wheeler and Jette established Activ8 after they decided to get in shape and started working at Club Fit Granby. “It started with ourselves wanting to get in shape,” said Wheeler. “Then we started helping quite a few other people so we decided to go for it and open a place in Waterloo. There’s a similar place in Granby called Club Fit but we decided to branch out on our own.” “I worked in Granby for over a year and people were always coming up to me and asking what I was doing and they were all from Waterloo,” added Jette. “When they found out that we were coming to Waterloo they were like yes, so much closer!” What is Activ8 exactly? “The place itself is an inviting atmosphere,” said Wheeler. “People can come here and hang out with their friends but instead of grabbing a beer they can grab a healthy drink instead. We describe it to people as a sports bar with a twist.” Their new sports bar will offer healthy drinks such as protein drinks, energizing teas, tea bombs to give you an extra boost, and smoothies that act as meal replacements due to the amount of vitamins and minerals. “It’s healthy fast food,” described Jette. “Everyone is so busy and we are always grabbing quick and unhealthy foods. This is a place to swing by to get something fast but healthy. It’s a place to meet up, have a healthy drink and snack, chitchat, and keep everyone on track and help them avoid the sugar and all the bad stuff.” See full story in the Feb. 4 edition of the Brome County News.

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