New Chagnon owners commit to consistency

By Gordon Lambie
New Chagnon owners commit to consistency

The Chagnon Dairy is in the process of changing hands, but its new owners say that there is no reason to fear for the beloved Waterloo-based business. It was announced on Monday that the dairy has been bought by a partnership of Lait Kaiser and Cult Yogourt, both small scale entrepreneurs with ties to the Eastern Townships.
“There is a profound love and respect for this business,” said Adam Coape-Arnold, Marketing Director for the new partnership, explaining that his fiancée Eloise Grondin-Bouchard, the Chief Operating Officer of the new business, grew up in Dunham with Chagnon milk on the table in the morning. “Chagnon the brand is not just going to continue but it’s going to grow with our knowledge of culture products into a more well-rounded dairy brand.”
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