New COVID-19 screening clinic in Sherbrooke opens to the public

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New COVID-19 screening clinic in Sherbrooke opens to the public
(Photo : Michael Boriero)

Sherbrooke’s new COVID-19 walk-in screening clinic opened its doors Thursday morning, officially replacing the old screening clinic located on Murray Street.
Residents can find the new testing centre at 75 rue J.-A.-Bombardier. A security guard is there to greet people entering the parking lot and determine whether someone is running in for a test, or going to one of the businesses in the strip mall.
Another security guard is posted outside of the building to direct people into the designated parking lot. The Record visited the new location, but was unable to obtain an interview from a healthcare worker.
However, after completing a test, one woman told the newspaper that she was extremely pleased with the process. The building is large, she said, and the staff is friendly and patient. According to the woman, she was in and out in less than 10 minutes.
While several people waited in line outside, the centre is well-equipped to handle the winter months. A peak inside the building shows a long, maze-like waiting area for people looking to get tested and avoid the harsh, frigid temperatures often seen in January and February.
Residents will also notice signs with arrows pointing right or left when entering the area. The signs indicate which way to turn for walk-in tests without an appointment and where to go for people with an appointment in preparation for an operation.
As the second wave continues to ramp up, the Quebec government announced 969 new cases in the last 24 hours, bringing the total number of people infected to 89,963. The government also reported 28 deaths, some dating as far back as Oct. 8, for a total to 6,005.
The number of hospitalizations increased by five for a total of 493. Meanwhile, the intensive care unit added three new patients for a total of 83. In the Eastern Townships, the numbers are also continuing to increase steadily.
The Estrie region reported 31 new cases on Oct. 14, with the Centre de santé et de services Sociaux du Granit in Lac-Mégantic accounting for 12 of them. To date, 15 users and 6 employees at the CSSS Granit have tested positive for COVID-19.
During a press conference on Thursday afternoon, Quebec Premier François Legault, Health Minister Christian Dubé and National Director of Public Health Dr. Horacio Arruda answered questions regarding the future of Halloween in the province.
Legault said at the moment Halloween is still on the table. It’s an outdoor activity, he explained, so the risk of contracting the deadly virus is lower. However, he is asking people stick to their family bubble and respect physical distancing rules when picking up candy door-to-door.
Arruda added that this year Halloween is dedicated solely to children going trick-or-treating. Adults are not allowed to throw private parties. He reminded Quebecers that red zones are not permitted to gather for party, orange zones can have six people and yellow is limited to 10.
Arruda also noted that the situation remains fragile, especially in large cities like Montreal. The health director hopes Quebecers will continue to be respectful towards the health measures in order to protect the elderly population.

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