New downtown mural bringing the #sherbylove

By Gordon Lambie
New downtown mural bringing the #sherbylove

Rising high above Wellington Street North, the fifteenth addition to Sherbrooke’s mural circuit made its first public appearance last weekend. Though the public artwork is not going to be officially unveiled until next week, it went on display Friday as the scaffolding surrounding the work began to come down.

The mural fits into M.U.R.I.R.S. more recent style of surreal trompe-l’oeil artworks, leading passers-by to believe that an enormous red heart is dangling in the middle of the eight-storey apartment building located at 27 Wellington North. Though many of the Sherbrooke-based art collective’s earlier murals focus on local history, this one connects more to the social life of the city highlighting the social media hashtag “Sherbylove.” Used in online communities like those on Twitter and Facebook, the searchable term is often used to highlight people’s favourite things about the city, whether they be in terms of concerts and events or just a picture of a lovely sunset.

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