New electoral map draws muted response

By Gordon Lambie
New electoral map draws muted response

Given the years of debate that have taken place on the subject of Sherbrooke’s municipal reform, the presentation of Sherbrooke’s proposed new electoral map drew surprisingly little comment on Monday night. Those questions which did arise came from the grassroots Sherbrooke Democracy Movement and the newly formed offshoot political party Sherbrooke Citoyen, and focused mainly on the lack of public consultation in the creation of the new map.

“Why must we wait for 500 names?” asked Sherbrooke Citoyen’s interim leader Raymond Gaudreault, referring to the fact that under the process outlined in the law the city need only hold a consultation on problems with the map if it receives 500 or more written complaints by the 11th of April.

“By what means have you ensured that the process of remaking the map was completely neutral?” added Vincent Beaucher, spokesperson for the Sherbrooke Democracy Movement. “Who decided what and how?”

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