New Estrie-Aide mural in progress

New Estrie-Aide mural in progress
(Photo : Gordon Lambie)

By Gordon Lambie

Anyone passing by Estrie Aide in Sherbrooke over the last two weeks has likely seen artists Guillaume Cabana and Boris Biberdzic at work on a new mural. Taking up the full length of the wall that faces Wellington Street South, the new artwork is a design by Biberdzic carried out in collaboration with the second-hand store as well as cultural diversity advocacy organization Actions Interculturelles.
According to Cabana, the idea behind the mural was to highlight a message of social inclusion and cultural diversity, although he also said that he considers the work closely tied to a message of anti-racism and intercultural cooperation.
Although the work is limited by the weather conditions, Cabana said that he and Biberdzic have been putting in six to eight hour days on the project and he hopes the work will be completed by this coming weekend.

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