New exhibit celebrates 150 years of the Sherbrooke Hussars

By Gordon Lambie
New exhibit celebrates 150 years of the Sherbrooke Hussars

Fans of military history in the Sherbrooke area will delight in the new temporary exhibit at the Sherbrooke Historical Society focused on the Sherbrooke Hussars. Organized in recognition of the 150th anniversary of the regiment’s founding as the Sherbrooke Battalion of Infantry in 1866, the exhibit provides an overview of the actions and experiences of the reserve force over the years and conflicts since.

Entitled “The Sherbrooke Hussars, more than a regiment – 150 years of tradition and loyal service” the exhibit features displays of medals, uniforms, photos and other memorabilia gathered from various local collections and complemented by information panels that present the story of the regiment from its beginnings, through major wars, and up to the present day.

“We believe that it is probably the biggest presentation that has been done on military history in the Eastern Townships,” said Luc Tremblay, former Commander of the regiment and now President of the Sherbrooke Hussars Association.

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