New Moisson Estrie general manager seeks to strengthen community ties

By Michael Boriero, Local Journalism Initiative
New Moisson Estrie general manager seeks to strengthen community ties

There is a new face at the top of Moisson Estrie with Christian Bibeau recently stepping into the general manager role at the regional community food bank serving roughly 28,000 families, couples and individuals throughout the Eastern Townships.
And while Bibeau was brought in to usher the organization in a new direction, he told The Record that he has no plans to completely rock the boat. Moisson Estrie has dedicated employees, a committed volunteer group and a steady stream of donations, he explained.
However, there are challenges that Bibeau will need to familiarize himself with in the coming weeks, such as the rising cost of food, housing, and a nagging worker shortage. The organization’s former general manager, Geneviève Côté, was trying to solve these issues.
“Evidently the challenge remains the same. The cost of food, the cost of gas for our deliveries, it puts pressure on the budget. However, we know that this is the reality not only for Moisson Estrie, but also for families, and households,” Bibeau told The Record in a phone interview.
With the government’s pandemic health and safety measures lifted in the province, Moisson Estrie has been able to increase its productivity, bringing in more people in need without any restrictions. The organization is in good shape, Bibeau noted, but he wants to do even more.
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