New sinks at the Marché Tradition in Ayer’s Cliff

By Gordon Lambie

Guy Patry, owner of the Marché Tradition in Ayer’s Cliff, told The Record that the community has responded very well to the installation of two new knee-activated handwashing sinks in the entryway to the store.
“It is very important for everyone who enters the store to wash their hands,” Patry said, explaining that the sinks have been set up so that people don’t need to use their hands to turn on the flow of water.
The sinks are one of several new hygiene measures put into place at the grocery store to help make the business as safe as possible for clients and employees alike. After washing their hands, Patry said that people who enter the store are also given a spray of hand sanitizer. He added that all of the carts are being regularly wiped down with disinfectant wipes. “People appreciate it very much,” he said.
The grocery store has also adopted a free delivery service for seniors and others who cannot leave their homes, which he said is being used by about 40 people in the community.
“We support one another,” he added. Published in the Thursday, March 26 edition of The Record.

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